Pricing overview. If you'd like a quote, just ask.

Asking about the cost of a website is like asking the cost of “travel.” Do you want to bike around the park or fly to the moon?

With that in mind, here’s where to start.

Pricing is a tricky issue when it comes to all things web design. It’s so tricky, in fact, that I’ve written a few articles on the subject (which you can find here).

Most design studios don’t list prices on their website. There are several reasons (both good and bad) for not doing so. The simplest, and truest, is that it depends. Having said that, I think ignoring the answer completely can do a disservice to the people who genuinely just want some sort of basic expectation before taking that next step.

So, with the disclaimer that A) it depends, and B) you should read the articles if you want a more accurate answer, here are some ballpark figures for what I charge:

General Rates & Packages

For general consulting and freelance work I charge a base rate of $75/hr, with package discounts as follows:

5-HOUR PACKAGE– ($325) savings of $50

10-HOUR PACKAGE– ($600) savings of $150

20-HOUR PACKAGE– ($1000) savings of $500

Web Hosting

In addition, I offer web hosting with basic site maintenance*
for the following rates:

$30 / MONTH (for 12 months)

$40 / MONTH (for 6 months)

$50 / MONTH (for 1 month)

With that as a starting point, I’ll now move on to the Web Design Menu.

I’ll start by listing the individual services (“a la carte” menu items, if you will) then show a few sample packages (full course meals), along with prices:

“A La Carte” Services

  • PROJECT BLUEPRINT– ($500) following the initial conversation, we’ll create a detailed project blueprint, including individualized goals, strategies, and a road map for all members of the design team to follow throughout the course of the project
  • BASIC ACCOUNTS SETUP– ($250) includes setup for domain name, domain name server, web hosting, WordPress, Google Apps, and email
  • EXTENDED ACCOUNTS SETUP– ($500) includes everything from Basic Account Setup, plus setup for your choice of five other accounts (ex. Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • MARKETING BLUEPRINT– ($500) in addition to Project Blueprint, we’ll create a detailed marketing blueprint, including individualized goals, strategies, and road map from the perspective of online marketing (brand management, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, etc.)
  • SITE DESIGN SERVICES– ($500) includes 10 hours of custom web design (choosing a site theme, customizing site layout, styling fonts / colors / media, etc.)
  • COPYWRITING SERVICES– ($500) includes 10 hours of copywriting services, with emphasis on branding, search engine optimization, and readability as needed based on the project goals
  • FREELANCE CREATIVE SERVICES– ($500) includes 10 hours of photography, videography, audio, graphic design, and/or multimedia editing services
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT– ($500) following site completion, we’ll conduct a thorough review of all web properties from the perspective of brand management, polishing all branding elements and providing suggestions for how to maximize brand potential moving forward
  • BASIC SITE MANAGEMENT TRAINING– ($250) once project is complete, we’ll train you / your team to use the site tools so that you’ll be comfortable managing the website however you need it

Website Packages


Package #1

  • Project Blueprint
  • Basic Accounts Setup
  • Site Design (10 hrs)
  • Site Management Training
  • $250 Savings

Package #3

  • All “Extended” Services
  • Site Design (40 hrs)
  • Freelance* (10 hrs)
  • Brand Management
  • $1,250 Savings

I hope you find that somewhat helpful, but keep in mind that every project is different. Because of that, I offer a free half-hour consultation to anyone with a project they might need help with.

Whether you’re looking for an individualized estimate or you just have some questions I can answer, this is where to begin.

*Basic site maintenance includes up to four minor service tickets (less than 30 minutes) per month.