Ready to take the next step? Here's how.

You wouldn’t believe how many hours, weeks, and months I spent “researching” before I actually started creating my first website.

The first step is always the hardest.

Do you have access to a computer and the internet? So do I. And that’s really all we need.

If you’re serious about launching a new project, taking one to the next level, or just looking for some feedback about your idea, all you have to do is this. Either send me an email (dsmith236 at gmail) or fill out the form below and tell me three things:

    • What is your name and / or organization
    • What is your project or idea?
    • What is a good time for us to talk?

From there, we’ll set up a half-hour Skype call (or a Google Hangout, whichever you’d prefer) and talk it over some more.

This half-hour is completely free, no strings attached. I won’t try to talk you into buying something. I won’t put you on some spam list or follow up unless you ask me to. The time is yours. We can talk about whatever you’d like (I love baseball, but if that’s not your thing, web design and social media are fine too).