A few lessons learned. A few thousand mistakes made.

The physicist Niels Bohr once defined an expert as someone who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.

If that’s true, then I’m feeling great.

Whether you’re just tossing around ideas for a future project or you’re ready to break ground on a new website today, you’ll want to do your research.

Web design is a perhaps the broadest and most rapidly changing industry around (if you want proof of the latter, just check out this). I suppose you could say it’s kind of like real estate, in that you can get by without an agent if you want to put in the time to teach yourself. The difference is, what you learned about buying a house ten years ago will generally still apply today, whereas in web design the rules change in a matter of months.

Don’t let that discourage you, however. If it’s worth your while to have a website (and it is), I can assure you it’ll be worth your while to spend a few hours learning about the process and about the industry as it stands today.

Here are a few articles I’ve written to help: