The tale of PFC Studios. And why it came to be.

Hi, my name is Dustin. And I like to build things. Lego forts, time machines, websites, you name it… Something never done before?

I’m in. Let’s make it happen.

Creating a web design studio was never my intention. I was, and am, a writer. A little while back I was asking myself what it was that led me to writing. I kept a running list of my answers which, before long, contained several good reasons:

I loved ideas and I loved words. I loved stories, all shapes and sizes. I loved to experience the creative process, to see the stuff of dreams be made tangible and real. I loved to play around with different combinations of letters, words, and phrases, not unlike some monkey who’d just discovered the game of Scrabble. I loved to watch as the words become something else, become something more.

The list was rather long, filled with these and many other reasons. Some were better than others, but all, at least, were true. And yet, still I sensed there was something missing.

Loving what you do is great. But is it a byproduct or a goal? I decided it was the former, as were most of the reasons I’d written. True though they were, they hadn’t answered the question. The real answer came later. It was this:

The goal was not to experience, but to share.

My friend Steven Njenga once said something I’ll always remember. He said it’s not what you say, but what people hear, that really matters.

Steve is an exceptionally wise man, as well as one of my personal heroes. I’ve thought about those words many times since, and like great artwork, they’ve yet to stop giving. Beneath the surface of Steve’s words is a less-than-obvious assumption, which is that what we say and what others hear can often differ.

And so, if sharing is indeed the goal, it’s not enough to merely say what I want people to hear. The message actually has to reach them. And this is the part that’s changed in the age of the internet.

Writing is no longer about merely filling pages with words (though part of me doubts it ever was in the first place). It’s not about signing a book deal or finding an agent to help you get published. With the advent of eBooks, the printing press itself is now optional.

The shift is a strong one, and extends far beyond writing. Today anyone can launch a business from their living room. Musicians, singers, and bands no longer have to wait to be discovered. Turn on the radio and you may very well hear these guys. They got there recording songs in their kitchen and uploading them to YouTube.

I mean, really, how crazy is that?

Speaking of changing landscapes, writing, and YouTube, let me bring this full circle with a quick story of my own. Back in early 2012, author Jeff Goins ran a contest asking people to create videos declaring publicly that they were writers. I entered and, to my great surprise, I won.

I remember the night I made the video. It was nearly midnight and I was about to head to bed. Suddenly I realized I’d forgotten the contest. The deadline was a mere three hours away (midnight CST).

The whole thing nearly ended there. It almost never happened. But for some reason I decided to do it, that sleep would have to wait. Looking back, I don’t regret missing those few hours of sleep.

I don’t know for sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say PFC Studios may well have been conceived that very night. I didn’t have a plan, a script, or good qualifications. All I had was an idea, something I believed in and had to share.

And I guess I just refuse to believe that I’m the only one.